About Us

Disrupt For America is a progressive advocacy group focused on pragmatic, grassroots activism with an emphasis on social media, organized assembly, and open discourse and debate.

The diversity and sheer scale of the grassroots resistance against Donald Trump’s presidency has been unprecedented and highlights a significant opportunity. But, we are not going to win by resisting without a clear purpose and a plan.

“progress does not move in a straight line”
Mark Zuckerberg – November 9, 2016



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Our Plan

Our commitment is to to bring together resources, both intellectual and financial, to focus on the following core issues that we believe to be paramount to the future and success of the Democratic Party and the progressive movement:

Social Media

The people who meme’d Trump into power, relished in the viral nature and influence of “fake news”, and dominated the conversation on sites like Reddit, have only become more emboldened. We lost the social media battle of 2016, which without question, had an influence on the outcome of the election.

From Facebook’s influence as a source of news and ideas to the efficiency of Twitter as a means of curating what we see, it was evident in 2016 that too many in the Democratic Party leadership existed in their own echo chambers and were out of touch with huge swathes of the American electorate. Never again!

Free Assembly & Open Discourse

The various marches and protests following the election have been truly inspiring. Given the organic nature by which they came together in such a short period of time, it’s understandable that there’s not enough organization or clarity of message. If our goal is to flip the House, we should distance ourselves from the groups who flip cop cars and incite violence, and instead move forward with a unified, cohesive message.

Shutting down lectures and stifling the First Amendment is equally unhelpful to our cause. There is a growing trend, particularly with the next wave of young voters, whereby conservatism is the new counterculture. Our goal will be to facilitate greater discourse and civil debate. We are not afraid of Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos; we have better ideas.

Turning Texas and Florida blue

Demographic trends should not be taken for granted as they were in 2016. With the right focus, the fostering of organic grassroots activism, and creative social media strategies that bring diverse groups together, we think it is possible to make Florida and Texas permanently blue by 2020 and 2024 respectively.

Multi-faceted candidate-level support

We are committed to convincing the American people to convince Mark Zuckerberg to consider a Presidential run in 2020, or at least join the conversation. In addition to a set of steadfast liberal principals, Mark shares (perhaps more legitimately) many of the qualities of Donald Trump that resonated with everyday Americans – a wealthy, anti-establishment outsider unbeholden to special interests. Regardless of how one views Zuckerberg today, we believe that he represents a robust voice that would significantly augment the Democratic primary process, in addition to being a viable opponent to Donald Trump in 2020.

We are also focused well beyond presidential-level politics and will work to support Democratic Congressional and local level candidates who share our values.


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Disrupt for America is not connected with Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg or Bill Gates or acting on behalf of any of them. One of our many goals is to: DraftZuck2020.  In fact, Zuck himself disavows our SuperPAC and its activities. But let’s face it, Zuck must until he enters the race just like Trump did, to avoid any conflict of interest with Facebook paying for his cross country “campaign“.